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What girls learn in P1-P7 & S1-S6

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Primary School P1 – P7

Primary school is divided into seven years. For students in Lower Primary (mainly P1-P3), the focus is on literacy; this is done through learning standard numbers and life skills, where teachers are encouraged to develop their own materials. They will therefore usually select a combination of rote and flash cards for memory learning based on repetition.

For those students in Upper Primary (P4-P7), students will learn math integrated sciences, creative and performing arts, social studies, local language, English and religious studies. For religion, students will focus their studies on Christian Religious Education (CRE) for Roman Catholic and Anglican students, Islamic studies for Muslim students. Some schools combine CRE with Islamic Studies however that depends on the school. At the end of P7, there is a national exam given in this subject.

Secondary School S1-S6

In Lower Secondary (O levels for 4 years – Senior 1- 4), Forty-two subjects are taught: science related, mathematics, humanities and skills subjects. At the end of 4 years, students are subjected to level exams; the students choose 17 subjects they will be tested in. In Upper Secondary (A levels for 2 years – Senior 5 and 6), the subject areas include history, humanities, geography, divinity, math/economics, physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture. Physical education is now also compulsory in secondary schools.