Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre

Who we are

Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre is working with other allied health service providers to provide the best care to cancer patients and wellness especially those on palliative stage.

Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre (MMCPCC) is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-political and interdenominational body, founded to provide holistic care to all cancer patients and all victims of cancer to a happy end of life to the Ugandan community. The organization is governed by Board of Directors comprised of Public Health Specialists, Management Specialist, Advocates, Clients and Spiritual Leaders Representatives. MMPCC was formed in 2014 by a group of highly motivated individuals with multiple expertises in community mobilization, sensitization and education on cancer prevention and palliative care.

Among the activities involved include provide the best personal care services to our patients by trained and skilled carers, in a professional loving relationship, nursing care and treatment; good nutrition and educate our patients the best ways of eating and good food for their body in order to boost their immune and health, good person hygiene to our patients and staff is maintained in order to reduce on infections that can easily be spread; complementary therapy to support our patients on the road to the end of their life and a home to stay to our patients who have no place to stay.

In wellness we provide our patients with knowledge and skills that help to empower them to learn on how to control their lives and gain hope to live happily even in sickness, emotional support, so that they don’t feel isolated, attend to treatment and also encourage them to involve themselves in activities of life without giving up on life because of the disease instead continue with treatment, eat well and continue working.

Out Location

Currently our offices are located in Nansana Wakiso in rented premises, the same area we have residential options for our cancer patients on palliative stage. We intend to build up a Cancer Wellness Centre in Wakiso where we tend to build our centre for cancer in order to bridge the gap between research and treatment of cancer with the hope of providing the best care. In this Centre researchers all over the world and specialist medical personnel will be free and welcome to carry out their activities and research.
Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre is dedicated to providing the best care to cancer patients including good Nutrition to all our cancer patients and a home of choice to patients on palliative stage who have no place to stay.
Our mission is to fight and defeat cancer by living a better and meaningful time till end of life